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‘The Residency’ art documentary completes filming on schedule

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their latest documentary ‘The Residency’ (working title), directed by the award-winning director Ms Monika Grassl has completed principle photography in Nuremburg.

Production Manager and Assistant Producer, Beth Moran, stated:

“Filming went to schedule and as planned. We evaluated a number of camera options and finally selected the Canon C300 Mark II merged with a Zacuto rig and a Gratical HD system. This was the perfect option for this project.”

Five of the leading emerging artists in the world attended a unique Residency hosted by the world’s leading brush manufacturer, da Vinci, in Nuremberg, Germany from 1 to 11 September 2016. The award offered five emerging artists the opportunity to experience and respond to Nuremberg’s thriving contemporary art scene. The Residency culminated in an exhibition ‘Landscapes of Mind’, that ran from 9 to 18th September 2016. The exhibition showcased the artists painting in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the renowned Galleriehaus-und Defet.

The five artists selected for this award came from the leading British art schools and are the leading 5 emerging painters currently studying in the United Kingdom. With an understanding of landscape as corporeal, geographical, psychological and or political, artists Suzi Morris, Melody Park, Sam Stopford, David Schroeter and Jonathan Kelly reveal one or more of these aspects through a range of painting practices.


Monika Grassl (Director), Ed White (Cinematographer), Luke White (Sound) - Photo courtesy of Suzi Morris

Executive Producer Chris Rangel commented:

“I am delighted and privileged to support the making of ‘The Residency’ about five emerging artists. These artists have been carefully chosen for both their ability and potential.

I am passionate about abstract art. I am both an artist and art collector myself. I wish these artists every success in their respective careers.”

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