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The Razzie Awards is about to do the unthinkable

For the first time ever the world's 'most terrible' award ceremony is going to give 5 actors new life with the inauguration of a new 'Redeemer' category.

On Saturday 21st February, the Razzie Awards AKA The Golden Raspberry Awards will have a category that actually praises actors for turning their terrible performances around.

Ahead of Sunday night's Oscar ceremony, the much beloved and seriously underfunded Razzie ceremony will give honor to terribleness and 'train-wreck movies' that have punished and betrayed our wallets this past year.

The top nominees for praise are Keanu Reeves, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Mike Myers.

All 5 actors have previously received Razzie nominations and in some cases wins for their roles in films such as 'Gigli', 'Love Guru' and 'Twilight'.

Thanks to Ben Affleck's heroic turnaround in 'Argo' and 'Gone Girl', he will be among the first lucky actors in the 35-year history of the ceremony to get the chance at 'redeeming' himself. Keanu Reeves' excellent outing in 'John Wick' is also being highlighted and he will face a strong contest from Jennifer Aniston in 'Cake' and 'Kristen Stewart in 'Still Alice'. Mike Myers' documentary directing capabilities will also fit into this category as his recent outing in 'Supermensch' is included in the competition.

The 'Redeemer' prize will be presented this year by veteran critic Sister Rose Pacatte, a nun who also writes for the National Catholic Reporter.

Could this be the most interesting and unusual Razzie ceremony in history?

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