Academy reverses decision on live broadcast


"A Star is Born" nominated for Best Cinematography

The Academy has decided to reverse its decision following a backlash from the film industry including a number of cinematographer guilds that publicly condemned the move.

In a conciliatory gesture, the Academy arranged a meeting this Thursday with a number of cinematographers to understand more about their concerns and to find a solution to the format of the new telecast. Following this, and feedback from its own members, it announced that the traditional format of the telecast would be restored - ensuring that all Oscar categories and winners would feature live.

This brings an end to what could have been a disastrous turn of events for The Academy as it tries to revive its annual ceremony following a fall in ratings last year. Critics of the ‘revamped version’ highlighted how cutting 4 categories including cinematography and film editing would have undermined the filmmakers that spend years of dedication to their craft - only to find out that they would be replaced by commercials and thrown in somewhere later in the ceremony.

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