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Pedro Almodovar to attend Curzon Soho Cinema retrospective


Academy heads to London

Pedro Almodovar is receiving high honours for his exceptional achievements with an intimate retrospective to be held in London by AMPAS on Thursday 13th December.

The Oscar winning director who began a pop culture movement dating back to the 70s will attend along with a host of discussions with friends and colleagues. The evening will be hosted by Sir Christopher Frayling, and include excerpts of Almodovar's films.

Family members and colleagues will also participate in the special retrospective including Stephen Frears, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Sally Potter, Alberto Iglesias and Peter Morgan.

It was in 1999 that Almodovar was awarded the Foreign Language Film Oscar for 'All About my Mother'. The director is also a regular Cannes Film Festival visitor and continues to inspire a generation of filmmakers and fans with his unique creative perspective.

When : Thursday 13th December
Where : London Curzon Soho Cinema

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