Objects on Satellite images could be crash site for missing plane

EXCLUSIVE: New satellite images made public in the past 24 hours have revealed several objects that could be plane wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

A new website set up to help people look at high resolution satellite images revealed some unidentified objects that could be part of a crash site. Film Industry Network was able to comb through satellite images made public via Tomnod, after the service was restored temporarily. In the search, we discovered a host of objects that we could not see in clear detail. Within 6 grids there were four objects in close proximity. (images below exclusively)

CNN reported that China had deployed 10 satellites to search for any signs of the wreckage, and believe to have found a possible crash site.

Other users on Tomnod reported unexplained objects that also included a second potential crash site. We can't speculate at this time whether there is any link between these images and those (that haven't been released) from Chinese satellites.

Uploaded via Tomnod earlier on CNN Ireport

As international efforts continue to find the plane wreckage, people from all over the world have joined in to help find any evidence of the plane's fate, including rafts or survivors at sea.

At this difficult time we can only hope that people onboard flight 370 managed to survive this terrible ordeal.

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