Now Google thinks the 'fake' Selena Gomez is real


Google quotes the wrong Selena Gomez in news

I was just checking up on whether Facebook had actually sorted out that Selena Gomez 'impostor' account issue only to discover that Google is now quoting the 'fake' Selena as the real one.

When you go on to Google News and type in 'Selena Gomez' the first thing you get is a 2-line quote apparently coming from Selena Gomez. It's not. It's actually a quote from Selena Miranda Gomez telling the world she is not Selena Gomez. Are you following me?

Google mistake screenshot:


Can it be that this young girl from New Mexico is destined for web fame? She's already been featured on Fox News, Examiner, PopSugar, the Daily Mail and other entertainment websites. However despite all the web buzz, I haven't found any news that tells us if Selena Miranda Gomez can finally use her Facebook account.

Good going Google! This is a funny 'algorithm' mistake :) Check out the real Selena Gomez website for her quotes.

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