Facebook disables Selena Gomez's account


Selena Gomez banned on Facebook

Selena Gomez found her Facebook account disabled after trying to log in, but here's the catch, it's a girl from New Mexico with the same name.

Hollywood star Selena Gomez still has her fan page up and running but 18-year-old Selena Miranda Gomez is being accused of "impersonating" another user.

With that said, how can Facebook have a system that bans people with the same name from logging in? There must be hundreds if not thousands of Selena Gomezs across the world.

Not only did Selena Miranda Gomez not use any false pictures, or indeed a picture of Selena Gomez herself, she proved her identity and still got no word from Facebook.

The incident occurred on Wednesday but according to several reports Facebook have yet to respond.

Selena Gomez on Facebook.

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