News Of The World Says Goodbye

After 168 years, the News Of The World is finally saying goodbye after a phone hacking scandal brought the media giant to its knees.

The scandal not only affected the paper, but the British political establishment as it’s former editor, Andy Couslon was arrested, and had been hired by current Prime Minister David Cameron despite clear warnings from his opposition that it would be a huge mistake.

Rupert Murdoch decided to axe the newspaper to stop the fallout spreading to other parts of News Corp in a damage-limitation move, and to reassure advertisers. It was also seen as a clear signal that Murdoch wanted to keep his BskyB bid alive and make a statement; that he was vehemently opposed to the scandal that had rocked the News Of The World from its foundations.

Repercussions of the phone hacking enquiries and the loss of Britain’s number one selling newspaper are still being felt, and today marks the last ever edition of the paper.

How will this effect the media culture in Britain and in the US? Should we expect to see more dark secrets of journalism exposed in the entertainment industry?

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