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New Zealand film commission criticized in Peter Jackson report

Sir Peter Jackson has spent nearly a year interviewing film industry experts and stakeholders to determine the effects of the NZFC legislation and its impact on local filmmaking.

Along with Australian film academic David Court, Jackson uncovered a deep dissatisfaction amongst those interviewed who were highly critical of the attitude of the New Zealand Film Commission. The reviews findings also suggested that some in the industry felt that the commission was a barrier to filmmaking, and that there was a counterproductive attitude, according to one interviewee, There's almost an us and them attitude. It's death to creativity,"

Arts Culture and Heritage Minister Christopher Finlayson praised the review. Some suggestions included a move toward nurturing more talent-focused films, increasing funding for the New Zealand archive and resolving issues between the staff and the board.

Patsy Reddy who is chairwoman of the NZFC board supported the review and its specific recommendations.

Peter Jackson, who was recently knighted in a ceremony earlier this year, is in talks to direct the mammoth Hobbit movies that could reportedly take 6 years to make. Guillermo del Toro, who worked extensively on the screenplay, had left the project last month because of the significant delay.

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