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New film festival is forcing filmmakers to kill their dialogue

A new film festival launching this week is changing the way filmmakers have to approach their storytelling.

Organizers of the 100 Words Film Festival have decided to embrace the reality of our shorter attention spans by getting filmmakers to submit film entries that have no more than 100 words of dialogue.

Backed by the Knight Foundation and a host of other sponsors, the film festival hopes to break new ground by helping filmmakers say more with less.

Launched by TV producer Scott Galloway, the idea of creating the festival came after he watched his children getting distracted when viewing videos only after 20 seconds. As audience attention spans continue to fall, the concept of a 100 word film is a great challenge for storytellers enabling them to focus more on body language and their visual narrative, rather than relying on dialogue to develop their storyline.

With submissions closed for the year, the inaugural festival will take place on November 22nd in Charlotte, NC at the McGlohon Theater. Shorts and documentaries along with student films have been selected to screen at the event which will also have a professional judging panel of local film industry experts.

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