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New Sexy Film Festival launching in Paris

Sexy film Festival Paris

Sexy film Festival Paris

PARIS, France - Following the success of the Sexy international film festival in Melbourne: Australia, a new French counterpart is now accepting entries for its Paris programme.

Festival director Natalie Vella has an exciting schedule ahead, with sexy entries already coming in from around the world. Paris is famous for being the world s most romantic city and has the perfect blend of culture and sexiness to add to the backdrop of this ambitious and exciting film festival. The Sexy International Paris film festival promises to be a blend of shock and splendor to those in the film industry who attend.

Interview with Natalie:

How did this festival come about?

The festival was actually suggested to me by Jason Turley, the festival director of the Melbourne event while he was visiting Paris a couple of years ago. I thought it was a great idea. There doesn't seem to be a festival like it here in Paris, or France or elsewhere in the world for that matter. He has been running the Melbourne event for two years now.

What kind of entries are you looking for?

Our program will be quite diverse. We are looking for a broad range of films of any genre, from music videos, documentaries, feature films, shorts to experimental. But the theme must be sexy films that centre around love, sex, relationships, obsession, lust. Films that are erotic and possibly films that will shock. But we will definitely NOT program porn or any kind.
We like the little known films as well as the more well known ones. We would like to have the majority of our program focus on Francophone films.

What is the film community like in Paris?

The film community in Paris, from my own personnel experience is one of great knowledge and education. Paris is a city so rich in film culture and history. With its countless cinemas, both large and small, and catering from Indies to blockbusters there is no doubt there is choice . I can t think of any other place in Europe that has such a diversity of cinema and such a buzz about film. So many wonderful and ground-breaking filmmakers and film professionals have come from Paris. You are just swimming in it (or drowning in it with so much going on!) The cinema audiences are sophisticated and there is huge support from government and enterprise for all kinds of cinema events. It is truly inspiring.

Sexy Film Festival Paris

Sexy Film Festival Paris

Do you have any special events lined up?

We will be programming a special shorts section focusing on French female directors. The program will feature some of France s great provocatrices as well as cutting edge rising talent. The program will be curated by Pippa Rimmer, who has immense experience having worked with several film festivals including Future Shorts. There will also be a special program of Australian short films. In addition to our main shorts and features programme we are currently negotiating with visual arts and theatre groups to put on performances and installations during the festival. And we hope to have music and exhibitions. All sexy!

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