Netflix could lose millions of subscribers with inconsistent content

The problem with Netflix is not the platform, the quality or the content itself, but the consistency.

The announcement that Netflix is parting ways with Epix means that many titles will suddenly disappear from the service which now has more than 60 million subscribers globally. The VOD platform has radically changed the way we consume content but there are many emerging competitors that could steal its thunder, particularly Amazon, which is well positioned to distribute content to huge audiences.

With Netflix pushing for more original content that it controls, the subscriber base will certainly have more access to fresh material, which has been one of the problems from the start.

The monthly price-tag for a Netflix subscription isn't exorbitant but a lot of the films on the platform are old, and new releases not being available on it could undermine the value to a lot of the users. The changing landscape of the VOD market could also affect the kind of investment put into future titles, and Netflix may find itself having to fork out more for content if others are able to bring consistent product to their subscriber base too.

The gamble with Epix is that losing major titles like "Transformers" and "Hunger Games" may create a perception that the service is no longer going to cater to the big films or keep a consistent library of content people can go back to. This could be a good thing for viewers that want a more selective choice that gets frequently refreshed, but it may put off others that want to access the library, who have the collectors mentality and like the archive films for re-watching.

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