Netflix and Pinterest could be offline within 48 hours

If you love streaming movies and sharing photos then you'll hate having to deal with yet another major outage affecting your favourite websites.

Both Netflix and Pinterest are just a few of the high profile clients that could be taken offline by hurricane Sandy as it approaches the east coast in the coming hours.

Both sites, among others including Reddit, Tumblr and the Fast Company are hosted with the Amazon Cloud. Their cloud based services happen to be housed in a datacenter right in the path of the storm that will stretch 800 miles and slowly move from New York through Virginia.

Although the Amazon datacenter should survive the impact of a category 1 hurricane, wide scale power outages coupled with damage to infrastructure from falling trees, and potential flooding may be too much for the datacenter. The knock-on effect from the storm could take millions of sites offline.

Back in July, a thunder storm knocked out Amazon web services in Ashburn, Virginia. Millions of sites around the world were affected, and this was not on the magnitude of what we are about to witness this week…

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