NBC News sites suffer major attack : Websites hacked

NBC News sites attacked by hacker

NBC news sites were hacked in the past few hours but as of yet we haven't heard of any individual or organization taking credit.

The sites were taken over by some whacky 90s looking images that gave reference to November the 5th 'Guy Fawkes Night', which could suggest a UK based attack.

NBC have been restoring the design of their sites since the attack, but some are still broken with sections being put back together piece by piece.


High profile attacks are fairly rare, but in 2012 there have been reoccurent attacks on major news sites, and web properties. Mashable states that a hacker known as 'Pyknic' left a note on NBC's sites that claimed "user info and passwords' were exposed.


NBC have not yet released an official statement. More to follow on this story as it develops...

Update :

Websites back online

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