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Mel Gibson comeback in 2011?

Mel Gibson faced a horrible year with a widely condemned rant against girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, but can he return to form in 2011?

While Mel was booted out of Hangover 2, the hype surrounding the remake got another boost when Bill Clinton took over. Even though the casting for the cameo was not an important role in the film, it got blown out of proportion as a major blow to his career.

The Beaver which comes out in March is new territory for Gibson, who plays a clinically depressed man who wears a puppet on his hand. The character might just be the sensitive side of Gibson he has been aching to show, and the timing couldn't be better.

Leaving a painful 2010 behind, several projects could be on the Horizon for this year, including, although less likely, Lethal Weapon 5. But how can we forget the classic Gibson from the 90s or how he transformed cinema in the 21st century?

Action-man Mel Gibson

When Mel Gibson went all out in the Lethal Weapon films, his character was seen as one of his defining action personas, that thrilled audiences, both men and women.

Martin Riggs, was of course, a burnt out, on the edge cop, considering suicide at any moment in Lethal weapon 1. Overcoming his personal challenges was done with class. Although his action career has been mainly on hold until his recent 'Edge of Darkness', the actor still has the panache that many in the industry have seemed to forgotten. It was of course, Mel Gibson, who created controversy on a global scale when he directed Passion of the Christ. This man is still one of the best in entertainment. Let see if he can t get his groove back. After all, look at Kanye West.

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