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Mayor calls Star Trek fan letter childish, embarrassment to the state

Mayor wrongfully bashes Star Trek fan

Star Trek fan and Councilman David Waddell has been criticized by Mayor Michael Alvarez for sending his resignation letter in Klingon, which he called "an embarrassment to North Carolina."

Despite the Indian Trail Councilman's good intentions to send a light-hearted letter in Klingon, Mayor Michael Alvarez in an interview was highly critical. According to the Charlotte Observer, Waddell was frustrated about regional policy and sent it as an inside joke including a translation. However, what the Mayor didn't count on was that in a few short hours the "Childish" letter would become an international sensation, and quite possibly the biggest news story for North Carolina this year.

In fact, Waddell's use of the Klingon language (which for us Star Trek folk is highly honorable) was just the kind of approach that generated huge awareness of the problems he was frustrated with. This Star Trek fan has not only captured the hearts and minds of fellow Trekkies, and local residents, but he has also proved that taking a different approach has earned him support far beyond the borders of North Carolina.

As of right now, 117,000 websites have shared this story including national publications in the US and the UK. Even William Shatner on a good day would struggle to generate that much international attention.

It's painfully obvious that this was not childish or an embarrassment to the state, and the Mayor should re-think his remarks. To be quite frank, Waddell should be praised. He's definitely got my support. What a great way to make a stand.

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