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Lucy Rayner story to become a documentary


Lucy Rayner - Photo courtesy of the Lucy Rayner Foundation

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that they have commenced filming a new documentary ‘Lucy Rayner’ (working title) - set to be complete in the second half of 2017.

Production Manager and Assistant Producer, Beth Moran stated:

“Lucy Rayner was a 22-year old girl who lived in Reigate. She sadly chose to leave this world. This important documentary film will enable audiences to get to know Lucy, the work and amazing success story of the Lucy Rayner Foundation and will help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression in young adults.”

Lucy’s family described Lucy Marie Rayner as a beautiful, sensitive soul, a fantastic daughter and wonderful a sister. Lucy took her own life on the 5th May 2012, aged 22 years. No one saw it coming. It was a total surprise to her family. Lucy explained how she felt in the letter she left in the moments before she took her own life. Lucy loved her family but she didn’t love herself or her life, it was a struggle for her and she wanted some peace. Lucy had been to see a doctor but she was not diagnosed as having depression or any form of mental illness. Lucy didn’t talk about her feelings and found it hard expressing her emotions.


Lucy Rayner - Photo courtesy of the Lucy Rayner Foundation

Jenny Rayner, Lucy’s mother stated:

“We need to talk more. We need to talk more about our feelings. This documentary will play a key part in helping make audiences better understand depression and will compliment the work of the Lucy Rayner Foundation moving forward.”

Sarah Holloway will direct the documentary. Sarah was the Senior Assistant Producer on the feature film ‘A Dark Reflection’ and is a part-time Media and Film Studies teacher at Reigate College.

Director, Sarah Holloway stated:

“We need to break the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging young people to break the silence.”

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