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London 2012 Olympics: Stakes are ridiculously high

London 2012 Olympics is just hours away

We are about to witness the largest media event in UK history, as the 2012 Olympics celebrates it's opening later on Friday.

With over 1 billion people expected to watch the ceremony around the world, the UK has is at the centre of hype and controversy ahead of the games.

A last minute deal managed to avert a crippling strike at Heathrow airport but further strains on the UK as a whole are expected throughout the day as millions rush through a packed London infrastructure. In addition, the media will be eyeing every single moment and reporting minute by minute as events unfold.

Award winning filmmaker Danny Boyle is about to achieve his career's biggest moment. Nothing will ever top this, and it's going to be a relief when it's all gone smoothly, we hope.

However, with so many performers, athletes and tourists packed into London's heavily burdened infrastructure, can it handle the Olympic traffic we are about to see? Let's find out tomorrow at the 2012 Olympic games opening.

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