Kristen Stewart highest paid actress in Hollywood

Topping the Hollywood Forbes rich list

Kristen Stewart has topped the list of the most highest paid actresses this past year bringing in a massive $34 million in earnings.

The Twilight star has been one of the biggest success stories out of Hollywood in the past few years thanks to her role as Bella Swan. The fascination that surrounds her character continues to draw big audiences to the box office. With that enormous influence on audience comes a big pay check and although in recent times we have seen pay discrimination between actors and actresses, Stewart is proving that she can go above and beyond what others can earn.

In addition, her recent performance in 'Snow White and The Huntsman' added to her yearly total, which included $25 million for the other two Twilight movies. Fans now anticipate her onscreen outing in the next sequel, with the new trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 released today.

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