Top paid actresses still far behind men in Forbes annual rich list

Big pay gap between top Hollywood earners

Forbes have released their highest paid actresses list revealing that the top 10 best paid stars still came way below the mark when compared to their male counterparts.

With the exception of Kristen Stewart who has had an exceptional year and is set to emerge as a leading Hollywood earner, the top 10 actress earned $200 million compared to whopping $361 for the male list.

It is a fact that the film industry is still very male dominated and that 'pay discrimination' is something widespread, but when stars like Kristen Stewart dominate online ratings, should we not be upping that pay check in the long term?

Forbes went in depth to calculate the residual income of the stars in their lists, also pointing out the pay gap was evident. Is this a sign that we should be looking at this more closely to see why there is such a 'price difference'?

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