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Jeremy Meeks could be a credible Batman if he got clean

Jeremy Meeks, the badass convict with the Brad Pitt face has taken the web by storm and now he could have a big career in entertainment if he was able to start over.

Meeks' mug shot became a viral hit when it got leaked on social and was the centre of debate, with some calling him the 'hot convict' with a chiseled jaw. Whatever the fantasy might be for some, Meeks faces more jail time after he was arrested on a felony weapons charge, and has a long criminal history including grand theft and identity fraud.

While the 30-year-old may have a long way to go before he can be 'accepted again', this could be the kind of story that helps him change his ways. In the meantime, the internet has overwhelmingly decided that he is now the face of Hugo Boss and other brands. Is this the start of something big or should we stick to the Ben Affleck Batman Memes? At least with Meeks, we'd take the dark past of his character seriously…

Jeremy Meeks' range of looks

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