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Investment in good video content will boost UK economy and confidence


Video content that speaks

The UK is facing a tough recession but there is an opportunity for video content to help bring inward investment into the economy.

We saw a surprise GDP increase after the Olympics, and the general mood of the country was much improved. Confidence was boosted, business did better, and people felt more compelled to "Think big".

The publicity of all the cultural events and the Olympic fanfare did wonders for the UK's international image. People were excited about our enthusiasm, quirkiness and personal characteristics. A lot of that was conveyed through video content, on the web, in the news and via amateur videos from people attending the games.

What could help boost UK tourism and image in the future is good quality, short video content that shows what Britain is all about. The creative sector is vibrant and thriving and producing short, engaging video content could do wonders.

Just take the Gangnam style phenomenon. That video has 850 million views and the remakes and parodies from that video push it way over 1 billion. The London version is just shy of 4 million views itself. Getting connected with trends and producing original content will boost the UK's image abroad, and bring people closer and encourage them to visit or do business here. It is truly a golden age for short video content, and investing in it is a win-win situation.

Part of the process of making videos involves bringing people together, and gets communities to share in a positive experience. That's the kind of spirit that we need in tough times. So let's do it!

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