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'The Interview' : A business test case for the UK box office

'The Interview' has been unleashed on UK audiences this week but will anyone go to see it?

Following yesterday's announcement that Sony Pictures' co-chairman Amy Pascal would be stepping down, the debate about the film has surged once-more.

In the wake of the hacking attack on Sony, 'The Interview' seemed unlikely to ever reach UK cinemas but this week interest for the film has been strong according to a Picturehouse spokesman.

While UK cinemas didn't face the same kind of menacing threats about the film's screenings, 'The Interview' has remained a big topic of debate, particularly because it was the first time in modern history that a film had been cancelled due to a cyber attack.

Over the Christmas period Hollywood was in a PR crisis as leaked emails and threats about 'The Interview' forced Sony Pictures to abandon the initial release. It eventually got distributed by indie theatres, and was released on VOD simultaneously.

In retrospect the UK release of 'The Interview' will be screened nationwide as opposed to select smaller theatres. The film has already made over £20m in digital sales but can it now convince people to go to theatres knowing it's been around for weeks on VOD?

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