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Hype builds for Star Trek Into Darkness official trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness soon

We've been waiting a long time for this and it's coming in just 48 hours : the official trailer release for 'Star Trek : Into Darkness'.

Since the enormous success of 2009 hit 'Star Trek', fans have been eagerly waiting to see the crew of the Enterprise back in action. Now, once again at the helm, J.J Abrams will be delivering his second yet-to-be-seen masterpiece of the new Star Trek franchise.

After the launch of the trailer, Star Trek fans will again be treated to a special 9-minute IMAX preview on December 14th. According to Cinemablend this same marketing technique built momentum ahead of the 'Dark Knight Rises' release. Will it work for Star Trek 2?

The success of Star Trek (2009)

"J.J. Abrams did something amazing with Star Trek . I was impressed with how he redefined the story and had a vision for how it would move forward. This is what makes it successful; when you have a director who understands the roots of the story, and creates something exciting and builds something very unique. For us it was huge." - Olivier Tena (International VP)

- Paramount Interview

As for now all we can do is turn back the clock and re-visit this interview with J.J Abrams on Conan about the movie. Fingers crossed this is going to be the best sci-fi film of 2013!

Star Trek into Darkness : J.J Abrams

'Star Trek : Into Darkness' will be released on the 17th May next year.

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