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Hugh Grant features in The Guardian's 'Hollywood trailer'

Guardian turns to Hollywood

It's not every day that you see a publication promote a weekend newspaper by making a Hollywood style, Michael Bay trailer, but that's exactly what's happened here.

Hugh Grant opens the mini-trailer by stating his admiration for good journalism in a call to readers :

"As a long term reader and advocate of the Gaurdian and Observer I appreciate that the quality of their papers is matched only by the integrity of their journalistic practices. It's an integrity that bleeds through everything that they do, so when they say they have an important announcement about the extensive coverage in their weekend papers, you know it won't be some obnoxious marketing gimmick."

As soon as he finishes, we are introduced into a Hollywood stye trailer opening with a deep voice over, and a crane shot, that rises into the sky and provides a panoramic view of a residential area. Viewers are then treated to large titles that turn to fire and explode on the screen, and a couple reading The Guardian and Observer weekend newspapers, with several scenes that intercut with each other, in over-the-top ways.

I wanted to highlight this commercial because it is something that caught my eye. I never watch commercials in a pre-roll video but this was great fun. It's also fitting because news often talks about glamour and it's a form of escapism for readers to be able to discover something fun and new. Having a trailer that matches the 'epicness' of your own news coverage, is also a nice gimmick, and something exciting to give back to readers who do enjoy a bit of video content.

What do you think about the Guardian ad?

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