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How Philip Bloom has carved an impressive film niche

Are you a cinematographer, filmmaker, or film enthusiast? Have you heard of a guy called Philip Bloom? If you haven't, let me introduce you to one of the UK Film Industry's smartest filmmakers.

For several years Philip Bloom has been building his online portfolio of impressive films using DSLRS and sharing his work with the community through his blog and personal Vimeo page. Over time, Bloom started to create tutorials, and videos around his work to give something back to the community. With the DSLR craze in full swing, Bloom then managed to inspire a big audience of filmmakers and amateur photographers to learn how to use their DSLR cameras and accessories and also discover new ways of lighting, editing and much more.

The reason why I wanted to highlight Bloom's work today, was not only because I think he has excelled in the craft of cinematography, but he has been able to transmit his ideas and his creativity to others online.

You can check out his blog to see the latest tutorials, and camera reviews among countless other good resources. Thanks to this impressive list of high quality content, Bloom is now a global figure in film; and his personal work is becoming a benchmark for DSLR filmmaking.

As a filmmaker myself I have a learned a great deal from him, and even though we've never had a face to face chat, I feel like I know him very well, and that is another reason why he has been so successful in using the web to connect with his audience. Best of luck to you Philip. A well deserved success story in the film industry.

Check out his website here : http://philipbloom.net/

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