How much money can Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood raise for Obama?

Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein has planned a blockbuster fundraiser for President Obama later today.

With the summer fundraising campaign well underway, Team Obama will surely welcome this next event. Weinstein's exclusive dinner will set you back a cool $35k. Depending on the capacity and the demand for the special fundraiser, the night's takings could be worth several million to Obama's campaign. Will there be any donations to go with that?

This week Eva Longoria took her advocacy for Obama straight to the Women's Summit in Miami. She spoke about her choices in fashion and her reasons for supporting Obama. She also went to Orlando Sunday to continue her campaign efforts.

Morgan Freeman also recently donated a huge $1 million lump sum to the campaign. It's by far the biggest individual donation for Obama I've heard about.

Let's see how Harvey and 'Hollywood for Obama' does Monday night.

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