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How much does fame cost?

Fame has become a commodity, youtube rules, and the next celebrity has a shelf life of 24 hours, but how much does it cost?

Before social networks and viral videos the internet was not the place to get recognized, but nowadays it seems that many are turning to their webcams in their quest for fame. Being famous has become a commodity and competition has never been so fierce.

Previous to the youtube era, musicians had to make their way up and build fan bases through gigs, and eventually get noticed by a record label that would invest in their future. Labels nowadays are cash strapped and can only afford a roster of a very select few artists.

Despite the bad news for the music industry as a whole, talented people in all walks of life have never had so much freedom to reach the world with their message. Whether you're a singer, actor, upcoming rock star, technology whiz or magician, you don't need CNN to make your break into the spotlight. Justin Bieber made his career through youtube, as well as a host of other artists such as Esmee Denters and filmmaker Fede Alvarez who made the 4-minute sci fi movie Ataque de Panico and is now shooting a $30 million movie with the help of Sam Raimi.

Youtube, and video networks have given people the most unprecedented access to hundreds of millions of people with the click of a button and talent scouts are are constantly searching for the next big hit. The possibilities are endless and major broadcasters no longer have the reach web surfers have. The cost of fame is literally the price of your webcam and internet connection. Whether you have a skill you want to show the world, a movie you just made, or idea that will change the world, you have that power and reach.

Fame, or celebrity status is easier to come by, but harder to keep. With people competing for the limelight on the internet and on reality TV shows such as America's got talent, to stay in the spotlight has become harder. Fame is also a status quo, and people looking for it are unlikely to succeed without determination. With real talent, comes major recognition, so start making videos today and let the world know what you can do .

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