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Hotels in Cannes part of the film festival experience

© Majestic Hotel Cannes

Every year the luxurious Cannes hotels are not just a comfortable place to stay, but a star attraction, with events and private parties throughout the film festival.

The Cannes Film festival wouldn’t be the same without the glamour of its pricey 5 star hotels, nor would we be able to sit so closely to the Johnny Depps and Angelina Jolies. So why is it such an important part of the experience going to Cannes? Well for one thing, the hotels in Cannes are a gathering place for the world media and filmmakers alike. They provide a more exclusive backdrop away from the busy Croisette with movie after-parties and press conferences.

Another thing that is special about Cannes and the region itself, is its coastline views. All along the Croisette during the day and night, there is something beautiful to see, and from a rooftop terrace with a pool and champagne, it just has that extra wow factor.

So apart from the screenings, the red carpet fans, and the beach experience, if it’s your first time at the festival, spend some time at one of the lounges in Cannes’ beach front hotels. Who knows, you might be sipping a Martini with George Clooney after a long day’s work.

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