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Helen Mirren to become your acting teacher

Actress Helen Mirren is about to start teaching acting through her new online course announced today by MasterClass.

The Oscar winning actress will be joining a host of stars to provide an in-depth acting course through the MasterClass platform where actors will be able to access 25 lessons that include her methods in mastering the craft of acting through to breaking down a script and researching characters.

Actors will also be able to upload videos to the platform to get feedback from other students and Helen Mirren, who will critique selected student submissions.

Mirren, one of Britain’s best known actresses began her career at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1967. She has played iconic onscreen roles including Queen Elizabeth II and detective Jane Tennison in the popular British TV series Prime Suspect.

Throughout her career, Mirren has portrayed a diverse range of characters in films such as “Gosford Park,” "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” “State of Play” and “Hitchcock.”

As part of her online acting course, Mirren will also show students how to go about approaching the poetic aspects of characters, how to handle props in character and also the process of choosing costumes.

"This is the first time I've ever talked about my work and my career in this way. I've always avoided talking about acting because I found it vaguely embarrassing. It's been a real revelation for me to be able to talk through all the techniques that I've learned and to be able to share them in my MasterClass," Helen Mirren.

The course is current available on pre-order for $90. Actors can also access the entire library of courses which include newly announced classes with director Ron Howard, Samuel L. Jackson and comedian Steve Martin.

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