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So what happened to treating Renée Zellweger like a human being?

Renée Zellweger's face became a piece of meat this afternoon at the expense of her dignity for our plain amusement.

Today the entertainment industry decided to enlist plastic surgeons to weigh in on Zellweger's recent 'alteration' to provide people with an in-depth medical analysis that has surely done no good for her self-esteem. While there is a public debate going on about plastic surgery and the Hollywood pressures on women over 40 to look 'younger', the real problem in all this is how this headline has been amplified for our amusement.

Is it right to create huge comparison galleries of Zellweger as if she had taken part in some kind of public medical experiment? Or is it a good idea to make detailed diagrams of her face and then point to different parts of her body as if they needed international feedback for a scientific report? Unfortunately, it would appear that people's fascination with plastic surgery has led to this kind of euphoric analysis, but how would we feel if our faces suddenly became the object of intense scrutiny, pixel by pixel?

It's concerning that some are not taking a step back to consider how this kind of approach is going to affect Renée Zellweger in the future. She is after all a human being, not a medical specimen that needs a microscope and some commentary.

Plastic surgery is a big topic in the entertainment business but up to this point, very little has been done to address the ethics of how this kind of news is reported. From my perspective, I think Zellweger is facing too much scrutiny over her choices and that will put a lot of pressure on her now, and at future public appearances. Many people have procedures but they don't get that level of attention. It is unfortunate to see this spiralling out of control, and I would hope that people could give her more respect in the future and see how this could be damaging and unhelpful.

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