Google removed over 500,000 Hotfile search results for Fox, NBC, others


Fox, NBC, Disney made copyright removal requests

Prior to's demise, the site boasted thousands of hours of TV shows and movies that it had allegedly infringed from content producers including 20th Century Fox, Disney, Universal and Microsoft.

Deadline reported that the MPAA had reached an $80 million settlement leading up to the site's closure. At its height, had enough premium content to rival major online distribution outlets such as Netflix or Hulu.

According to Google's Transparency report, over 9200 separate requests were made by the studios and other companies to remove copyrighted material from its search engine.

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Google removed over 569,000 links for the domain which included 183,613 for Microsoft, 127,649 for Fox. 97,495 for Adobe, and 37,849 links to copyright material produced by NBC. Sony, Marvel, Lionsgate and Disney also made requests.

When users head to the site it currently displays this:


film industry network members