Golden Globes 2014 : Drugs, sex orgies, hustlers, lesbians, alcohol, and slaves

Golden Globes controversial list

The 2014 Golden Globes Awards might just have the most drug fuelled, sex addicted, and slavery inspired nomination list of all time and this year's competition of films couldn't be more controversial.

From 'The Wolf of Wall Street' to 'American Hustle', has the Golden Globes outdone itself this year with films that have divided audiences? Martin Scorcese's 'The Wolf of Wall Street' has certainly thrilled people with many sexually charged scenes, but on the other side of the spectrum, we have a serious drama about slavery, a hijacking story (Captain Phillips) and a tale of a redneck hustler (played by Matthew McConaughey).

In the Foreign Language category we come back to sex again with 'Blue is the Warmest Color', about a high school student exploring her sexuality.

Then over to the dark-side we travel in 'Nebraska', as we discover the story of a heavy drinking father and his estranged son.

Of course, each film has merit and tells a powerful tale around those subjects, but the diversity of stories and their themes, are quite evident. Below are the nominated feature films (excluding animation) that make up this year's controversial list.

Best Motion Picture, Drama

- 12 Years a Slave
- Captain Phillips
- Gravity
- Philomena
- Rush

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

- American Hustle
- Her
- Inside Llewyn Davis
- Nebraska
- The Wolf of Wall Street

With that said, why have the Golden Globes not recognized zombies this year?

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