Is The Wolf of Wall Street worthy of the Golden Globes?

The Wolf at the Golden Globes

Martin Scorcese's sex and drug-fuelled 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is competing at the 2014 Golden Globes Awards but can it be victorious in the face of such controversy?

The film has been highly controversial and has divided critics, but audience feedback for the film has been nothing but positive. However with Leonardo DiCaprio's depiction of a drug powered, sex inspired stock broker who breaks all the rules, can his on-screen antics really unite people at the Golden Globes?

Audiences in Asia certainly won't get to see the juicy parts of the film or DiCaprio's performance, where it faced nationwide bans and brutal cuts.

'The Wolf Of Wall Street' is nominated for 2 Golden Globes including 'Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical' and 'Best Performance by an Actor', with Leonardo DiCaprio facing the likes of Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac in the performance category.

However, this year's favorite is '12 Years a Slave', which has received a total of 7 nominations but when we look at the debate and intrigue, 'The Wolf of Wall Street' has an edge.

Which film do you think will win 'Best Motion Picture' in the musical or comedy category?

The Wolf of Wall Street

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