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Hitler has reappeared in Germany

Copyright Marco Petig, Constantin Film

Hitler is making his comeback on a screen near you, again, but this time a German film company is sending him out to meet people before they see it at the cinema.

As part of a publicity stunt, actor Oliver Masucci has been on tour around Germany to promote 'Look Who's Back', a film based on the bestselling novel from Timur Vermes that imagines Hitler returning to power in a modern day Germany.

The absurd marketing campaign has created an atmosphere of debate in Germany, while the actor recently attended a far-right wing rally to condemn the attendees as "wimps". However, this time, Constantin Film, the production company behind the new film wants to adapt a Borat like approach to the character.

Oliver Masucci certainly has the face for the role, but does the film go too far in stirring up emotions?

We certainly got into hysterics the last time a German production became internationally known. 10 years ago, 'Downfall' was a critically praised film about Hitler's final days. Remember these?

While the subject matter in this film was very serious and turned into comedy, 'Look Who's Back', may prove to be the lighter side of German humor we've been waiting to see.

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