From the Batman shootings to the Arapahoe High school tragedy

Cold memories of a shootout that won't fade

A student at Arapahoe High school has been involved in a shootout which has injured 3 people, with one in a critical condition.

The gunman took his own life after reportedly shooting himself in the head. A young 16 year old female was hit in the crossfire and is currently in a critical condition. The latest shootings brings back horrific memories of the Newtown tragedy and the chilling Batman shootings that attained international attention, due to the nature of its severity, and its timing, on the eve of the launch of the final Batman movie.

Public figures have campaigned for a crackdown on gun sales. CNN host Piers Morgan, one of the strongest opponents of gun ownership has repeatedly campaigned for stricter gun controls. He wrote this just a few hours ago in response to the shootings:

There is a growing sentiment that something has to be done. Young people are being inflicted by these tragedies, and the shootouts continue.

When will this violence stop, and how many more incidents like these will it take before laws are changed?

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