Batman rampage sends message to the world : America unsafe

Batman shootings : Time to take action

The harrowing tale of the Batman shootings is a horrific reality Americans face in a society where guns are too easily obtained.

We've witnessed horrendous events such as the Columbine high school massacre and the sheer brutality of the Washington sniper murders and how can we forget the tragedy of the Tucson shooting? All of these incidents are just some of the many tragedies that are happening across America which the world looks at thinking, "Only in America."

How can the world's leading economy with the brightest innovators support this 'Blood Libel' culture as normal? It's madness to people in Europe that guns can be bought over a counter. To get a gun here is harder than getting a job. It's not in our culture to even want to have a gun for protection.

A lot of you reading this will disagree with me and argue that James Holmes, aged 24 took it upon himself to attack and kill people at The Dark Knight Rises premiere. There is no doubt that he alone took the decision, but if it had been extremely difficult for him to obtain weapons, he would not have been able to create a 'mass casualty incident'.

With all the violence in our video games, in movies, and on TV, there are those few individuals, who are on the edge, that may take this into another reality and carry out horrific acts for real. Because guns are widely accessible, it's so much more dangerous for everyone else. Some may argue it's time to give everyone a gun for self-defense, but the crime rate is only going to go up. The more guns there are on the streets, the more likely a small minority of the population can get their hands on one.

How many more people have to die before America will change? As we see it from abroad, it's a very dark portrait of society. It's shocking for the world, and the only message this delivers is that America is unsafe.

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