French film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg grosses $74 at US Box Office

“Confession of a Child of the Century” starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Pete Doherty has grossed just $74 at the US Box Office.

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Directed by Sylvie Verheyde the $4.2m picture grossed 56,756 times less than its production budget on a limited release. The period drama set in Paris during the 1830s screened at one theater in September and opened with a $68 weekend gross, further gaining $6 to bring it to a grand total of $74.

While the film was produced back in 2012 it didn’t make landfall in the US until this year. In 2015, the average price for a cinema ticket is around $8.34, which means the film was seen by approximately 9 people in 3 days. However it is not the worst performing film at the US Box Office this year.

In retrospect, “United Passions,” which had a budget of over $20m and starred French actor Gerard Depardieu and Tim Roth averaged just $61 in takings per theater, making it one of the biggest disasters in US Box Office history.

Confession of a Child of the Century currently ranks as the lowest grossing film of 2015 but with just over 4 weeks to go, there could be other contenders before December 31st.

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