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Frankenweenie shines dark light on London


Frankenweenie opens London Film Festival

Tim Burton takes us on a journey into the wonderful world of dark animation and humour in 'Frankenweenie' this year at the BFI London Film Festival.

The animation film is taking centre stage for its obscurity and unconventional funniness. The glory of Burton's bizarre and sensationalist storytelling dates back two decades, and his imaginative ideas have continued to inspire audiences and die-hard fans.

Winona Ryder, Christopher Lee and Martin Short are just some of the cast behind Frankenweenie's animated creatures on display tonight at Leicester square.

This year's BFI Fellowships will be awarded to Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter for their extraordinary achievements in cinema. Burton's creative career dating back to 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Sleepy Hollow' has become a cultural hit around the world. His many collaborations with actors such as Johnny Depp have brought so much joy and excitement to audiences of all ages.

Bonham Carter's contribution to cinema is also greatly admired. From her outing in David Fincher's 'Fight Club' to her Academy Award winning performance in 'The King's Speech', her portrayals of iconic characters reveal a depth of truth that are riveting, and powerful to watch.

Best of luck to both of them tonight and to all those who are attending the red carpet premiere for this year's opening film. Have fun!

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