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FilmFreeway is changing the game for film festivals

FilmFreeway is making its mark in the film industry providing a new way for festivals to gain entries without upfront costs.

In just over a year, the Canadian startup has managed to draw over 1700 film festivals and 100,000 filmmakers to submit films thru the platform.

What does this mean for the film industry? Film festivals no longer have to pay in order to be listed on a public access service where they accept film entries. Instead, they only pay a fee when a submission is made, which is all automated with the FilmFreeway payment system.


On top of this, the FilmFreeway backend also includes analytics so festivals can check performance, engagement and see what is/isn't working. For filmmakers, the submission is straightforward, and getting an account setup takes minutes.

With this new business model, film festivals are able to be more transparent and show their entry rules and deadlines in one place. In addition to this, they don't have to spend money on maintaining their account which provides extra incentive for them to market their events to a wider audience without limits.


Successful film festivals have managed to leverage the platform to boost their entries while filmmakers are getting significantly more choice at a reduced cost to submit their films.

For the film industry, it's a win-win platform and the founders are working on bringing more features to the site in the coming months.

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