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Film Industry unites to remember Sarah Elizabeth Jones


Remembering Sarah

27-year-old Sarah Elizabeth Jones was tragically killed on the set of 'Midnight River' when a train hit several members of the crew as they were shooting on the tracks outside Savannah.

Immediately following the news of the tragedy, it had been reported that 7 crew members were injured, one fatally.

Sarah Jones was a camera assistant who would slate the beginning of each take. A tribute was launched on Facebook called Slates for Sarah to remember her career and great contribution to the film industry.

CNN reported yesterday that friends and co-workers had asked the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to remember her this weekend in the Memoriam list.

Film Industry Network recently highlighted a controversial topic regarding an on-set stunt that was deemed very dangerous and could have killed the actress in the scene. This started an international debate about film set safety. We released an open letter to the film industry following discussions with our members.

This latest tragedy puts more emphasis on the dangers of filming on location, and there are calls for tighter legislation to protect workers in the film industry over in the UK.

With the Oscars this weekend, we hope to see Sarah remembered, and wish all her friends and family the very best during this difficult time.

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