Film industry economy moving online. Will you?

The film industry is evolving year on year, and online is becoming the new digital economy fuelling its growth, but it is also changing people in the business.

From production to distribution the web is now instrumental to the success of projects and it can't be ignored. If you are not online in 2011 with some form of social network presence, website or blog, you are losing big opportunities.

Distribution is shifting online with digital downloads but so is marketing. Traditional advertising is slowly declining but also the way people promote themselves and their films is changing. No longer is it necessary to get a distributor to market an indie release and sell it. You can do it with the power of social media, blogs, and journals and sell copies thanks to services available through Amazon helping you create your own DVDs, ebooks and more. It is possible to make your acting or singing career a success by pushing your skills and promoting them online. With a bigger web presence you are more likely to be attractive to a film production house, concert promoter and so on.

There are so many actors for out there vying for a place in Hollywood, Bollywood and other industries, but they still lack the main promotional tool that could give them a huge following and give them an edge. People like Audrina Patridge and Alec Baldwin have a there own online brands and websites. Why not use the web to build your fan base from scratch, and seek to create opportunities in your career using online as a promotional tool? You can also network and meet people using forums to collaborate with your peers. Film Industry events are now taking place daily in different parts of the world. Get yourself connected today, and start to reach out to people in these networks. Often applying for a job as an outsider in this economy won't get you noticed. Casting directors are receiving 50 applications a day, but when you have something special, innovative, and you can show this online, then you have a bigger chance. While not everyone will agree entirely with this point of view I still feel that in the next few years, having a web presence will be required. There is no reason not to be, and the business of promoting movies will seek online audiences.

If you have fan base in 2011 numbering the thousands or more, and you can show that in addition to your skills as an actor and/or director, then a distributor is going to see that there is already an audience for you, your ideas, and your work. So, embrace the shift, and do the best you can to maximise the tools available to you.

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