Alec Baldwin leads film industry with online presence

Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin is leading the film industry with his online presence from his HuffingtonPost blog to personal website and twitter page.

With so many entertainers in the business seeking recognition and a way to reach out to fans, the web seems like an obvious choice with the creation of blogs and social media pages, but not all do. Baldwin has embraced this shift, and done so with style. Let me break it down to show you why he has not only made the most out of the technologies available to us online, but how he actively engages his fans and brings real value to them.

First, let's take a look at his personal website. On it, you will find different sections that show Alec's ideas, causes, articles, events and his about page. Each section provides very clear and well written content, high quality images, giving the reader an insight into what he's doing. It also includes detailed breakdowns of the causes he supports and articles he has written himself. On top of that, the website integrates his twitter feed directly on the front page, which is a nice gimmick if you want to know the latest from him.

Alec Baldwin

Next we can go over to his twitter account. Alec actively uses it and talks to his fans through the service, giving them updates whilst sharing his own views on relative topics, and replying to feedback . This creates an added level of interactivity that many Hollywood film stars wont even think about. What better way to keep in touch with your fans and friends from afar than giving out live updates? In addition to Alec's twitter, he also has a Facebook page which draws in his latest tweets.

Next up is his HuffingtonPost blog, another powerful outlet to enhance his online brand. The actor regularly writes articles for the magazine and includes his own opinion. This is probably the most important aspect of his web presence that I want to share with you. He is honest with people, and tells them what he thinks, and is not afraid to have a viewpoint that is either controversial or straightforward both on his social media pages and in his articles. I feel that too many of Hollywood's elite are hiding behind their publicist with manufactured news when it should also come from them.

Alec Baldwin in my view leads online because of these reasons; that he has an opinion, and because he writes articles and is fully transparent about who he is. From his website to his twitter, his message is consistent, un-edited, and the real deal. With this combination of online outlets I feel genuinely more connected to Alec than anyone else right now in the film business. Also, just to give you an insight into why going online is a great idea, stars like Eva Longoria use twitter to gain supporters for charitable causes which only benefits all parties. So what are you waiting for?

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