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Film Director David Ayer makes public apology to the UK

Brad Pitt movie 'Fury' goes wrong

It was Sunday morning when over 100 actors dressed in Nazi uniforms marched in the Oxfordshire countryside whilst the country prepared to mourn fallen soldiers of WW2 later that day.

Filmmaker David Ayer filmed explosive action scenes with extras in SS uniforms early Sunday morning but faced objections from the local Parish Council, and some of his cast. Whilst the Queen and members of the UK's armed forces paid tribute to their colleagues, Ayer's production continued to shoot scenes and reportedly didn't take a moment of silence.

'Fury', a £50 million film production being shot in Oxfordshire faced mounting criticism as former army generals and the public weighed in on the "insensitive" nature of the filming that morning.

Film director David Ayer responded to the criticism a short while ago on twitter and made a public apology:

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