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Feature Film “Flight 313: The Conspiracy” set for December release through Vision Films

“Erin Brockovich” meets “All the Presidents Men” in the new feature film “Flight 313: The Conspiracy,” set for release in North America on December 13th 2016, courtesy of Vision Films.

Based on true events, “Flight 313: The Conspiracy” tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry. Two British journalists, played by Georgina Sutcliffe (“Age of Heroes”) and Rita Ramnani (“Hedda Gabler”), by chance discover aviation's biggest cover-up. A serious in-flight incident hidden from the press by JASP Airlines reveals that crewmembers and passengers have knowingly been put at risk since the 1950s. When the airline’s new CEO, played by Mark Dymond (“Die Another Day”), discovers the darker side of the airline industry and its secret campaign of denial by the airline owner, played by NICHOLAS DAY (“The Wolfman”), he is faced with the moral dilemma: corporate profit or the public's safety? The film reveals facts that every airline passenger should consider before they next fly.

Flight 313: The Conspiracy” is a fact-based fiction film inspired by Director/Producer Tristan Loraine’s own experience as an an airline captain. He said:

“People deserve to know the truth about the air they breathe on aircraft. Thanks to our distribution, audiences will be able to fly better informed after watching this film. I hope it only takes a good movie, and not another serious incident or crash for the industry to finally admit there is a problem that needs solving.”

Vision Films will now release the film in the USA and Canada on DVD and VOD on December 13th 2016. The film was originally released theatrically in the United Kingdom as “A Dark Reflection,” partly funded by pilot and flight attendant labour organizations around the world, notably the Aerotoxic Association and the Communications Workers of America. Scott Jones of Artist View Entertainment is handling worldwide sales.

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Contact Tristan Loraine: [email protected]

About Fact Not Fiction Films

Fact Not Fiction Films is a multi award-winning British film production company, founded in 2006 by Tristan Loraine. Over the last 10 years it has released over 20 feature films and documentaries and specializes in aviation-related themes.

About Vision Films

Vision Films is an Independent Worldwide Distributor and VOD Aggregator of over 800 Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Programs from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world. Led by Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO Worldwide Distribution, Vision Films releases 2-4 films a month, across Theatrical, VOD, DVD and television. Shannon Godwin is Vision’s Director of Domestic Distribution and Sisi Cronin is Vision’s Publicist.

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