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Fact Not Fiction Films to support two emerging filmmakers

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that they will support two young filmmakers; Jay Douglas Mitchell and Ben Goodier with the production of their first short film ‘Farewell From A Killer’.

Fact Not Fiction Films previously supported the rising talent David Witchell, with his two short films, ‘Mr Ludifico’ and ‘Mushroom Soup’ and has a history of helping emerging talent in all departments in the film industry.

‘Farewell From A Killer’ tells the story of the disappearance of a young girl at her school and the emotional journey the investigating detective goes through in his quest for answers.

Jay Douglas Mitchell stated:

“I’m very grateful that ‘Farewell From A Killer’ is making incredible progress. Ben and I have been working on the story for an immense amount of time, so to see it moving forward for great things is a dream we didn’t expect.”

Ben Goodier stated:

“The short film is our directorial debut, so to have the support of Fact Not Fiction Films is an amazing opportunity we are very grateful for. Filming will begin soon so we are very excited.”

Production Manager and Assistant Producer, Beth Moran, stated:

“Jay and Ben worked with us on the short film ‘Ellston Bay’. They demonstrated a very positive attitude so we decided to help them with their first short film. Fact Not Fiction Films has a long history of offering opportunities to emerging young talent and we are pleased to be able to help these two young filmmakers from Colyton Grammar School in Devon.”

Colyton Grammar School Headteacher, Mr. Harris commented:

“I am delighted that Jay and Ben have achieved so much and I am grateful to Fact Not Fiction Films for giving them such a great opportunity. I am sure that this experience will provide them with the skills to make the next steps in the film industry such a success.”

Director and Cinematographer Nicholas Eriksson, stated:

“It’s wonderful to see such enthusiastic young talent. I look forward to providing guidance and support with their visual storytelling.”

For further information please contact:

Tristan Loraine
Fact Not Fiction Films Ltd
Office 2
The Courtyard
30 Worthing Road
RH12 1SL
07968 213862

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