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'The Expendables' Amin Joseph & 'Traffic' Co-Star Jose Yenque Star in '4AM Gas Station Muzak'

Los Angeles, CA - '4AM Gas Station Muzak' is the latest project from Seasoned Actor and Executive Producer Philip Adkins under his production company Padkins Films. An ethereal mind-bending short film, it’s the ultimate in ‘good vs evil’, less the big studio car chases, explosions and unstoppable comic book characters. Taking cues from directors Robert Rodriguez, the Cohen Brothers and David Lynch, 4AM merges fantasy and reality set against the backdrop of a seemingly bleak desert town in Santa Clarita, California.

The film’s storyline weaves a moral fiber throughout, increasing its overall efficacy at sending one succinct message: We are all just one decision away from changing the entire course of our lives, for better or for worse.

The narrative opens on a typical gas station in the dead of night, its welcoming and warm lights illuminating the middle of nowhere and inviting weary traveling guests to refuel their vehicles, as well as their minds and bodies. Inside, two men play a simple game of chess to the unsuspecting eye. What we really find are an Angel and the Devil waging bets on the souls of patrons passing through. One such customer is Mark (played by Philip Adkins), who, after his car runs out of gas, finds himself in the middle of the desert and at a crossroads in life as he is propelled into a journey of self-discovery. But will he make the right choice or will his devil-may-care attitude lead him down the wrong path for good?

Trailer : 4AM Gas Station Muzak

Heading up the all-star cast are veteran actors Amin Joseph who plays the Devil and can be seen in 'The Expendables' and 'Homefront', both Lionsgate action releases written by Sylvester Stallone, and Jose Yenque who plays the fallen Angel, his most recognizable role playing opposite Benicio Del Toro in the Academy Award-winning Steven Soderbergh film, 'Traffic'.

Executive Producer and star of the film, Philip Adkins is no stranger to the entertainment industry. Of African and Native American descent, Adkins was born in Chicago and began acting at the age of 17. He quickly moved to New York City where he studied acting at two prestigious institutions including New York University and the New York School for Film & TV. Appearing in commercials & award-winning TV series including 'Law & Order' and 'Third Watch', Philip soon transitioned into the independent film scene where he was nominated and won awards for several efforts at festivals including the San Francisco Black Film Festival and Philadelphia International & New Media Festival. Through his production company, Padkins Films, which Philip started in 2012, he produced and starred in the award-winning web series Among Friends and the sensational internet comedy S.T.F.U. Adkins also assisted in producing two feature films, 'Heartlines', (available on DVD through Maverick Entertainment) and 'Killing Frisco', both starring Golden Globe-nominee Steven Bauer who played opposite Al Pacino in Scarface and more recently alongside Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight in the Showtime original series 'Ray Donovan'.

Written and directed by award-winning Actor and Filmmaker Jaime Zevallos, '4AM Gas Station Muzak' proves that great scripts draw great actors who love interesting storylines. Primarily an actor, Jaime is most often seen in front of the camera and has been in several award-winning TV series, including a recurring role in FX’s 'The Bridge'. His most current feature film, 'Me You & Five Bucks', in which he starred, wrote, and directed, is currently making the festival rounds where he has garnered several awards including Best Director. Zevallos was recently named as one of 2013’s 25 most influential Latinos by Latino Leaders Magazine.


Sensory Uncensored Theatreworks, Suspect Filmworks and Inn-A-Circle Productions make up the vastly talented co-production team along with Padkins Film. Padkins Films has several feature films currently in development.

The film premieres on March 18th, 2015 at the Queens World Film Festival, and it is nominated for Best Narrative Short.

Tickets are available online.

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