ECU Film Festival opens in Paris with record attendance

The 9th ECU Film Festival opened in Paris this evening to a packed theatre welcoming filmmakers and movie fans from all over the world.

With a selection of clever, humorous and well produced short films and a poignant documentary showing a behind-the-scenes look at the civil war in Syria, the opening selection was both gripping, as well as entertaining.

ECU President Scott Hillier greeted the audience as he introduced filmmakers who had directed some of the opening films. His statement to the industry was clear: that the stories of independent films were very important, and needed as much support as possible so that people could understand what was happening around the world.

While the ECU has never had a major financial backer it has thrived thanks to a host of partners and generous in-kind support. The festival President announced that the festival had received over 1000 entries for this year.

The standard of films shown at the opening was very high, and it was clear after watching the selection that this year's jury would be facing a very difficult contest.

After the ceremony ended filmmakers and guests were invited to an exclusive after party which took place on a boat in the river Seine. With a festive atmosphere and live music, the 2014 ECU Film Festival certainly got off to a great start.

We're looking forward to day 2! Stay tuned for more updates from Paris via @filminetwork

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