Donald Trump fires back : Cher has a "dying career!"

Donald Trump lays in to Cher

Cher is 'spearheading' a massive online petition against Donald Trump but the drama between the two has just inched up one level.

Already facing a backlash for his controversial comments, Donal Trump took to Twitter just moments ago to fire back at her:

Is Cher really finished? After she joined nearly 500,000 other people who were pretty steamed at Donald Trump's comments, it looks the media bandwagon has embraced her efforts so far. However, there is no word from Macy's about whether he will stay affiliated to the brand. But the Trump might have an edge. For one thing, he does have nearly 2 million Twitter followers so his personal 'net influence' far exceeds Cher's own fan base. Her current Twitter following is just over 1 million so far. Will this turn out into a bitter fight? Check out Cher's previous two, brutal and capitalized Tweets vs 'The Donald':


Donald Trump's latest response:

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