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Dolph Lundgren and Steve Austin movie earns just $1469 at the box office

Box office disaster for Austin and Lundgren

Action star Dolph Lundgren and WWE wrestler Steve Austin scored an unimpressive $1469 at the box office this year, far below the total of previous action packed movies they've starred in.

Distributed by Anchor Bay Films, and opening in 1 theatre in February, 'The Package' ran for just a week, and we never heard about it. What makes matters worse is there was a credible demand for these stars and clearly no marketing behind this to bring it out for a wider release.

On Google search alone, Steve Austin currently gets a 12,000 searches a month in the US alone, while Dolph Lundgren gets 33,000. Combine those two results and you've got yourself a potential audience of 45,000 people per month to directly market to.

In addition, if we head over to social, Steve Austin's Twitter page has 1.5 million followers while Lundgren on Facebook has 139k likes. Both actors have big, established fan bases, and have both starred in box office hits.

Let's make the comparison (highest grossing first) :

Dolph Lundgren movies at the box office

  • 'The Expendables 2' 2012 - $312 million
  • 'The Expendables' 2010 - $268 million
  • 'Universal Solder' 1992 $ - 36,2 million
  • 'Johnny Mnemonic' 1995 - $19 million
  • 'The Package' 2013 - $0.001469 million

Steve Austin movies at the box office

  • 'The Expendables' 2010 - $268 million
  • 'The Longest Yard' 2005 $190 million
  • 'The Condemned' 2007 - $7.3 million
  • 'The Package ' 2013 - $0.001469 million

Then if we look at 'The Package' as a movie, it certainly hits all the right notes, containing the story elements we would expect in this genre and the type of characters these actors would play. There's also the high paced, intense action, yet there was no marketing to bring this forward, and it's a shame for the producers because this could have earned millions at the box office.

The Package Trailer

Synopsis : "A courier for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters." via IMDB

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